JoeAndMarilynFrields Joe Frields, Director and Owner: Joe Frields has been instrumental in working with troubled teens for over 21 years. He began working with troubled teens as staff during wilderness programs in the summer. During his tenure as a wilderness staff member, Joe discovered his passion and desire helping troubled teenage boys. In 1997, Joe and Marilyn began working as residential directors and later founded Mountain Meadow Youth Ranch. Outside of being the owner/director of MMYR, Joe plays an active role in day to day work with the students. He is the main coordinator/facilitator between the families and students. Joe oversees student’s daily activities and life helping with their letter writing, homework, phone calls, education, and visits. Joe’s strong relationship with each boy allows him to be a strong role model and mentor. The direct hand’s on approach Joe takes with each boy teaches each student to learn how to respect others, develop a strong work ethic, and many pick-up many other important lifelong skills. His true belief is there is no boy who can’t move forward and have a good relationship with friends, family and future employers.

Marilyn Frields, Director and Owner: Marilyn has been working with troubled teens for 17 years. She began her experience with teens cooking, cleaning and working with students during a night time shift at a large foster home. She later worked for a residential program (similar to MMYR) part time. As Joe’s wife she too felt the need and desire to help troubled youth boys. Marilyn and Joe began working as residential directors in 1997 and later founded Mountain Meadow Youth Ranch. At MMYR, Marilyn is in charge of staff coordination: such as but not limited to, setting up staff educational classes, meetings, setting guidelines for the students nutrition, and preparing some of the meals. She also directs student’s activities, volunteer work projects, and community involvement projects.

Ryan and Jen Ryan Frields, Licensed Addiction Counselor: Since 1997, Ryan has been positively influencing the lives of teenage boys in one fashion or another. He began as a night-time residential staff member for Open Gate Ranch. This transitioned into summer work, between college semesters as an instructor for Galena Ridge Wilderness and a residential staff member for Mountain Meadow Youth Ranch.Ryan began working full-time at MMYR in 2005. In order to further help the teen boys enrolled at MMYR, he returned to college and earned a degree in substance abuse counseling. As the counselor at MMYR, Ryan helps the boys navigate the trials and tribulation of adolescence and turns those struggles into meaningful experiences that will help them make a positive transition back into school, society, and family life.

Jennifer Frields, Logistics Coordinator: Beginning in 2005, Jennifer was hired as a full-time member of MMYR’s staff. She began working with teens part-time in 2001 and has been both a wilderness instructor and residential staff member. Jennifer is in charge of the day-to-day logistics of operating our residential program as well as working closely with the boys in daily activities. She also organizes activities, projects, community service, as well as mentoring and guiding student’s in their path toward the future.

robin Robin Thompson, Mentor/Support Staff: Robin is a uniquely qualified mentor for the MMYR teens and is able to connect with them on an individual and empathetic level. For the past 2 years, she has worked for MMYR as well as a wilderness program for teenagers. Robin prepares most of the meals, assists with transportation, and also has a hand in the logistical and administrative facets of the business. Before that, she worked as a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist, which allows her to offer a wide range of medical experience. Robin is passionate about nature and the outdoors; she inspires ambition and mindfulness in everyone around her.

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