We offer multiple and progressive options for educational studies at Mountain Meadow Youth Ranch.

1. Academic studies at Mountain Meadow with certified Montana High School Accreditation. This plan accommodates students who are new to Mountain Meadow and/or have not been successful in public or private schools. Students who need close supervision, time away from distractions, and additional help structuring their academics usually begin with this plan.

2. Credit recovery for students that are behind in school is also available. Credit recovery courses come in many forms. Montana Digital Academy, BYU, Keystone, and the Thompson Falls High School Alternative Learning Center are all available to students that need to catch up in school. Credit recovery courses are all accredited by the State of Montana and Thompson Falls High School. These courses report as normal high school credits and appear on a student’s transcript as normal credits.

3. Partial to full time mainstreaming into the local community high school and middle school. Students, who are serious about their schoolwork, have matured to accept a higher level of personal responsibility, and are ready for additional social interactions (including extracurricular activities) become senior students and peer group leaders. With our structural school component, students can progress into a final step in their program process of being more involved in normal social activities and decision-making.

4. Students that are exceling in school are given the opportunity to take Advance Placement classes. They may also have the opportunity to take online college credits through Flathead Valley Community College.

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