Troubled Youth Ranch Testimonials

Mountain Meadows Youth Ranch has a fully licensed and highly experienced staff.  On average our staff members have 10 years of experience working with troubled teens and  at MMYR.  Due to being a small, family-oriented residential program, Mountain Meadow is capable of maintaining a 1-to-4 variable staff-to-student ratio throughout the day.  This enables us to develop strong relationships with each student that encourages honesty and helps them practice and build skills that allow them to return home successfully.

“Our son had severe issues with being adopted at birth, which really started to manifest themselves during his teenage years.  By the time he got into high school he had almost completely withdrawn from our family and had become angry and confused about his life.  His peer group was not the best and he became involved in negative behaviors such as truancy and drug use.  Eventually it all came to a head when he attempted to run away from home.

We had no choice but to act decisively and are very greateful that we did.  Initially we put our son in a wilderness therapy program until we could find a long term residential program.  After an exhaustive search, we found Mountain Meadow, run by Ryan and Jenn Frields, and they truly saved our son.  Their program is small, family run and creates an environment in which boys can address their weaknesses and fears and build on their strengths.  Additionally, the academic environment and teaching methodology is unique in that boys can home school in an on-site one room school house, and if successful there, attend the small local public high school.   Our son spent 2 years in the program and learned how to work on bettering himself daily.  And happily is now a young man who is sober and thriving in college.  Mountain Meadow worked for our family and we highly recommend the Frields family and their outstanding program as a potential option for other families with boys in crisis.”

J. and S. Oates

“We have enormous gratitude for your program that helped our son through a stage in his life that we were unequipped to deal with. We recommend this program for any teenage boy struggling to find his way in today’s world.”

Renee and Cliff

“Your program changed my step-on’s life. I’ve watched him become a healthy, focused young man with the dedication and goals that will ensure a bright future. I’m convinced he would never have had the opportunity to understand his potential or grow into the man he has become without your program. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done, and in turn, what he has done for himself.”


“When our son struggled with behavioral and social issues, Mountain Meadow was highly recommended to us. It provided him the enriching, safe, and consistent environment he needed to grow and become the responsible and successful young man he is today.”

J. and T. Evans

It was sad to say that my wife and I didn’t know how to deal with our 16 year old son. We got a referral to Mountain Meadow Youth Ranch and we struggled with sending our son to Montana. We did what we say was the best choice for him to have a future. Mountain Meadow Youth Ranch was a blessing as a place where he could grow and mature in a structured but loving environment. Mountain Meadow has a family atmosphere and even after our son graduated high school the staff keeps in touch with both of us as well as with our son, As parents of a troubled youth, we would recommend Mountain Meadow as a choice and we have recommended them as a choice to other parents who have a troubled young man. 

Jeff and Robin